Meacham Lake Proposed New Boat Launch

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Meacham Lake Proposed New Boat Launch

Postby demeacham » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:00 pm

Anyone who has visited Meacham Lake knows there no other place like it in New York for its peace and tranquility. Anyone who has launched a boat there, especially a little bit bigger boat, knows the launch could use a little updating. DEC has proposed a new launch be built at the end of the lake side campsites even removing the last one. They say this is the best option. Now all boat launch traffic will have traverse the entire length of the camp road which gets pretty narrow in spots and is often heavily traveled be people walking, biking, as well as small children. It is blatantly obvious this will cause a severe safety hazard but completely ignored by the DEC. There motives seem to be fueled by money. Now they can collect day use fees from every boater using the launch where currently no fee exists to use the launch. Also to create this new launch there has to me some mass excavating and many trees removed to accommodate parking and 2 turn arounds. A better idea would be to dredge the current boat launch, which hasn't been done in 70 plus years, update the docks and install a new launch slab. Parking and roads could easily be expanded or improved in the current area without any disturbance to the campground or safety hazards due to boat trailer traffic. For the safety of your family please help stop this project which is scheduled to begin right after the campground closes in October.

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