Delta Lake State Park Review

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Delta Lake State Park Review

Postby Len » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:35 pm

Delta Lake…….it’s NO Fish Creek!!! Figured I would try something waterfront…..with maybe some fishing that’s close by.

The grounds were “ok”. You can tell he park in general is not really cared for. We had a waterfront site in the B loop and the site itself wasn’t bad. The patrons were a mix of families and rowdy drunks. I think it’s too close to Utica/Rome that people who don’t really have the “camper” mindset are able to commute there from a long days work and party it up at night and then repeat……… Makes for an interesting crowd. We had a pontoon full of drunks literally crash into the shore next to our site for a potty break and one of the occupants asked my 6 yr old to help him off the boat so he didn’t fall and the local PD made a visit to our loop at around 2 am to break up a party.

I am not usually one to be put off by bath amenities…….spent many years backpacking so any running water is an upgrade…….But the shower facility left a lot to be desired. There are 101 sites and a shower building with a total of 6 shower stalls (3 guys/ 3 girls). Now I would be ok with this if they were a bit nicer. There is one bench for all 3 shower stalls to put your clothes on. A shower stall is 3’ – 3’ with a cheap plastic curtain, no changing area to put your stuff and to dry off and get dressed and the 3 stalls are separated by a shoulder high shower rod with another cheap plastic curtain: which I guess is ok, so when you bend over to wash your legs and rub backsides through the plastic curtain with the guy in the next stall by accident you can at least look him in the eye when you apologies.

All in all I would give the Landscape/nature a 5/10….it is a nice spot and has potential. The fellow campers it seems to draw a 5/10…too many “non campers”. The facilities and maintenance of the park a 3/10.

If I need a spot to head for a quick trip in the future that’s around 45min away…. I will head northwest rather than northeast and go back to Fair Haven
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Re: Delta Lake State Park Review

Postby mistermatt1984 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:05 pm

There aren't really many "non campers" at Delta. The reputation of Delta after mid June is people go there to drink around a fire. That's pretty much how it's always been known.

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