A place for you to post memories you or your family remember from camping at Fish Creek over the years, as well as any other items of historical nature. Photos would be great too!
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My family began camping at Fish Creek in 1951. Usually we would be there for the last two weeks of August and the first week or two of September. My father worked, as a supervisor, for the NYC Transit and, in lieu of overtime pay he would be given vacation days. My parents had vacationed in the Adirondacks during the late 30's and early 40's and we had relatives who lived in Plattsburg and, later, Rouses Point.
Each year during the 50's I accompanied my parents and younger sister to Fish Creek. The last year I camped there was 1958 just before I began college classes. Of course, I have returned a few times in the past 50 years merely to sightsee, and have continued to enjoy the beauty. I am now retired, living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but still have my roots in the Adirondacks. Among my special memories are (in no particular order): serving Mass on Sunday in the ampitheater, finally being able to swim out to the float at the beach, renting my own canoe to travel around in, learning to water ski and learning to drive on what was then Route 8 (or maybe it was route 10? later changed to Rte 30), the morning "race" through the campsite by the competing dairies "Altamont" is the only name I remember, but there was another one. Later, the ranger (I believe his name was Mr.Terry) ruled that the dairies should alternate days so that it became a little calmer. There was also a commercial bakery truck that came through selling bread and cakes, and a woman who drove her own car (I believe it was a Plymouth) selling "Fresh Blueberry Pies- - and other home-baked goodies.
There was the horrible day somewhere around 1953 or 1954 when we had a sudden summer thunderstorm, and some people over at the beach made the mistake of taking shelter under one of the trees. The tree was hit by lightning and, I believe, at least 2 were killed. Because we camped relatively late in the season we could take part in the Labor Day activities in Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and even, in Plattsburg. We were tent campers but some of the people we met each year were trailer campers. I can remember Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson who always had their trailer up near the ranger's house; Mr. Broderick, a fellow Long Islander who would have his grandaughter Joan with him; and a Mr. Enright who had an Airstream trailer that he pulled with his Chrysler Imperial.
In my days Rollins was not as developed as it later became.
This is enough memory recall for one day, at least. I am so thankful to have found this site, and to be able to enjoy the post cards and pictures that have been posted.

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