Rollins Pond hanging sign

A place for you to post memories you or your family remember from camping at Fish Creek over the years, as well as any other items of historical nature. Photos would be great too!
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Rollins Pond hanging sign

Postby foresthawk » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:43 pm

Does anyone remember the sign for Rollins Pond that hung across the long entrance road in from where you turned off the Fish Creek campsite main loop road to go to Rollins Pond?
It hung above and across the road, suspended between the tall pines, and was in the vicinity of the present recycling/dump station and before the shower house.
Its been gone quite a few years, but wondering if anyone remembers about what year it was removed. I can remember it being there in the '80s and maybe awhile beyond, but can't say when it disappeared.
I rather liked seeing it hanging up there.
Any thoughts or comments appreciated, thanks.

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