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New Feature - Map Navigator

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2009 8:13 pm
by CampADK
I've completed the new Park Map as mentioned in another thread. The new map is also integrated into the new Fish Creek Pond Map Navigator feature which can be found at

The map is VERY accurate and is no longer based on any of the Reserve America maps, just satellite imagery from 1994 which are pretty good at showing detailed pond features and exact road placements. Even many 'key' campsites can be identified in the 1994 imagery. The placements of each campsite is very accurate as well. I've used the hundreds of photos I have to correctly place the right sites at the right locations. The map now gives a good realistic idea of site depths from the road.

The new map has a lot for features on it, not included on the Reserve America site including:
- correct pond geometrics based on detailed satellite imagery from 1994
- correct North-South alignment
- correct campsite placements
- correct bathroom placements
- water tap spigots
- amphitheater, volleyball and soccer area markers
- shallow water indications
- buoys and water speed limits
- sites with cement shoreline barriers are marked
- Accurate road placements and bike trail indicated
- labeling of each pond for easy identifying of campground areas

The map navigator allows single click access to any area of the park with zoom/in zoom/out functionality, map scrolling left and right, up and down.

Works well now in Safari, Firefox and IE. Should work in other browsers as well.


As always, feedback / suggestions more than welcome.


Re: New Feature - Map Navigator

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:16 pm
by Rollins Fan
I couldn't get it to work with my iPod Touch, but it could be operator error. Some day I will sit down at the pc.

Re: New Feature - Map Navigator

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:51 pm
by CampADK
You need to buy an iPad! :lol: . I didn't bother to try to make the Map Navigator iTouch/iPhone friendly. It's not really something you would want to use on such a small scren.

Actually I started work on a Campsite Guide App for the iTouch/iPhone. Habe the whole Campsite Guide database setup on it, but haven;'t managed to get the display to work... yet. Lots to learn. Someday though! Would be nice to quickly check what sites are available for walkin at the gate and be able to check them out on the iTouch. I'll get back to working on this at some point.

Right now I'm trying to complete Ranger Jane 2.0 before camping season starts. Its been a big project this winter. And then there is the Rollins Pond Campsite Guide which I have been promising since last year. I'll be doing a photo shot 'blitz', most likely just before Memorial weekend. Hoping Kate is up to the task, and the black fliers are at bay!