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Weekend in Lake Placid

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:04 pm
by The Glode Family
Hi All! A group of us are going to Lake Placid this weekend for a "girls spa weekend". There are 8 or 9 of us going. Any suggestions on where we should eat, or shop? Are there any must-see's ?

Re: Weekend in Lake Placid

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:43 pm
by CampADK

Which spa are you visiting? Where are you staying?

The spa at the Whiteface Lodge is pretty impressive (alas expensive). Its a mere 6000 square feet and has just about everything you can imagine. You might be going to the spa at Mirror Lake which is supposed to be excellent as well.

For eating I suggest for something special: The Whiteface Lodge (thats the place we own in), The Lake Placid Lodge (ultra special, alas pricy), the Cottage on Mirror Lake (part of the Mirror Lake Inn complex)) for lunch (its a tradition for a lot of people!) - best views in town on the water with views of the high peaks, or the Moose Lodge direct on Lake Placid (if its open) - best views of Lake Placid and Whiteface.

For a special night, visit Maggies Pub in the Lake Placid lodge, or Kanu Lounge at the Whiteface Lodge.

Shopping is all on the main drag so hard to miss anything. Stop in at Ruthies Run. The ADK store to pick up something for your daughter.

If you like all things ADK stop in at the Ray Brook Frog in Ray Brook on the way in (assuming you are arriving from the west. There is another such store coming into Lake Placid from the west on the right just down the hill as you pass the Price Chopper along with 2 others on Main street.

For excerise / fresh air do the traditional walk around Mirror Lake... if you get thirsty take a break at the lake Placid Pub and Brewery across from the beach.

Take the gals out for a tour on Lake Placid. This is a great tour. You'll see a lot of great adirondack camps on Lake Placid, find out who owns what, lots of history etc. Views are priceless (including Whiteface of course). See
Reasonably priced. Been on it a few times taking friends out to see the lake.

Unfortunately none of the major events are on at this time of the year. Always fun to visit the bob sled run or watch them jumping off the high tower in the summer...

Lots of options for hiking! Maybe thats not on a girls spa weekend agenda though lol.


The Whiteface Lodge:
The Lake Placid Lodge:
Lake Placid Marina (Boat Tours):
Moose Lodge:
The Cottage (on Mirror Lake):
Ray Brook Frog:
Ruthies Run:

Re: Weekend in Lake Placid

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:26 pm
by The Glode Family
Hi Dave

We are going to the Mirror Lake Spa. Really looking forward to it!

I think we are going to lunch at the Cottage but beyond that, we have no set plans. Thank you for all the suggestions & links.