Anyone familiar with a 2010 Dutchman Cub Aerolite 185 Hybrid

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Anyone familiar with a 2010 Dutchman Cub Aerolite 185 Hybrid

Postby karen230 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:17 am


We looked at a Dutchman Cub Aerolite 185 Hybrid Trailer last night and loved it. Anyone familiar with this trailer? Looking for opinions, likes, dislikes. Have tried to find a "review" of it online but no luck. The most I can find is that Dutchman used to have not so great products but have come a long way so their quality is much better now. Which was nice to find but still would like opinions on the trailer from people who have actually used it. It has A/C but no slide :( so we will still be a bit cramped. I'm o.k. with that as we went with a smaller unit b/c DH hasn't towed a TT before. I am a little concerned about the inside storage space (would have liked to have more but the unit is smaller) but am confident that I could find some plastic shelving or something that we could put in the closet and get extra storage space that way :D . The person bought it from a dealer over the winter and has changed his mind and no longer wants the unit. I did find the posting from the dealer somehow online, here is the link: ... Mnm1l.dpbs

I am familiar with RV dealer he bought it from since my sister just purchased her 5th wheel from them. We are very seriously considering this trailer and told the person we would try to make the decision quickly so we weren't leaving him in limbo. So far this is by far the best unit we have looked at for the money we have. Not my first choice but the offer we put in on the first choice wasn't accepted and I wasn't willing to go any higher for the unit. This unit I am not so sure I want to wheel and deal, thinking maybe just give him his price since it seems like a good deal to begin with. Please any opinions would be great. Thanks.

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