Survey - Ice Chest Recommendations

Discussion about camping gear you recommend or have questions about, or camping techniques that have worked well for you. Maybe even gear that is well suited to the Fish Creek experience.
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Survey - Ice Chest Recommendations

Postby habsman » Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:55 am

Okay... so a trusty old small ice chest finally bought the farm after a 15 years of service. It was a smallish plastic Coleman that took a beating, but still managed to keep ice for 3 days in 80F/30C weather. Small though, as it left little room for the soda/beer and other things.

I gotta replace it in the next 2-3 days, and I'm willing to invest in something that can also do double-duty on the back patio, and tailgate parties.

Here are the standards:
-- Gotta keep it cool, of course.
-- Size - I'm looking at least something that can hold 3 cases. Some are built to hold 2 liter bottles? Is it worth it?
-- Wheels are a plus. I'm getting old, and a wonky back is no longer suited for lifting large coolers of ice.
-- Handles - My main gripe is with the plastic "handles" on my old one. More like dents than actual handles. Can handles be added afterward?
-- Colors -- Not a big deal..though an argument can be made that dark colors absorb heat
-- Body -- Plastic or Stainless? Some will claim the steel is an expensive upgrade that also gets hot but makes for more durability.
-- Other uses? -- Yeah...we've used it as a step stool, a spare seat... Any others?

I've come across a few that swear by their 50 year old rusty steel colemans...and they could be right. Some say they've seen their plastic ones tumble down the road and only suffer a few scratches.

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