Reserve America Extends The Booking Window Through 2021 !

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Reserve America Extends The Booking Window Through 2021 !

Postby CampADK » Wed May 13, 2020 11:47 am

Sorry I didn't post about this yesterday (May 12, 2021).

Early yesterday morning it was first posted on the Sampson State Park Facebook group. I immediately posted on the NY State Campsite Group, the Fish Creek Group, Rollins Pond group and other NY camping Facebook pages. By mid morning tons of campers knew about it and were booking furiously.

Because there are so many more active campers on social media I tend to do most of my posting there and the Campers Forum often gets updated less often. Especially yesterday due to the frenzy that ensued.

There are a ton of post about it and I posted throughout the day as changes were made on the various RA sites and app. The main post can be found at

Essentially Reserve America opened up the reservation window to 24 months instead of the usual 9 months in the morning allowing campers to moving existing 2020 reservations to 2021 at no cost as well as make new reservations for the complete 2021 season. I did this myself and moved our TearUp June reservation to next year. In addition I booked all of our 2021 camping trips.

You can at this point book out a maximum of 24 months. For example today you could book out to May 13, 2022!

By the afternoon Reserve America was sending out emails to campers that already had 2020 reservations to let them know they could move reservations or book dates throughout the 2021 season.

Anyways it was a HUGE day yesterday and there were literally thousands of campers busy booking their whole summer for 2021. In fact it was the highest traffic day ever on the NY State Campsite Photos website with close to 5,000 campers picking sites all day. Last I checked Fish Creek was well booked up for all of 2021.

This does NOT effect new reservations for 2020. You can still not make new reservations in 2020.

Note this change to the reservation policy is TEMPORARY. They could close it up at anytime so if you want to take advantage of booking a site for 2021 do it ASAP.

It was a very positive day for campers across NY. Word spread fast and people were posting their pleasure at getting sites together for families, being able to book favorite sites. People texted and phoning others who then past on the word in a frenzy. It was a lot of positive in a time of sadness though. There will no doubt be people who didn't hear about this and will be upset when they go to book next years campsites in the fall. For that it is sadening.

If you don't have a Facebook account I'd suggest you get one. If you are worried about security or whatever just create a basic account with limited info and lock down your profile, and then join a few of the camping groups to stay informed. I am continually posting on the NY State Campsite Photos Facebook group anything new news on the situation as well as others.

If you have a Facebook account I'd suggest subscribing to at least the following groups to stay connect.

NY State Campsite Photos - the most info is posted here that effects Fish Creek as well as all other campgrounds:

Fish Creek Group:

Rollins Pond Group:

I keep everything I know about COVID-19 and how it affectson reopening on the NY State Campsite Photos website as well at here:

Note the Reserve America change is TEMPORARY. They could close it up at anytime.

Please do not get into the politics of why this was done!

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