Labor Day trip

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Labor Day trip

Postby kps7987 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:45 pm

We had our first visit to Fish Creek Pond and loved it.

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was long and big enough to easily fit a large tent, small tent, truck and empty boat trailer as well as the fire pit and picnic table. We had plenty of room and good access to bathroom. We own an older 19 foot bowrider and were able to bring that within 6 inches of the bank so we could walk off the bank onto the bow and get boating.

Campground is great and people are nice. Almost all sites have water access and great views. Loved our position in the bay of Square Pond as it had little boat traffic yet easy access. We went out each night to catch the sunset and were back before it got dark.

Rained Sunday during breakdown and packing which is what happens sometimes when you camp

Got stuck in Labor Day traffic as well as an accident on I-87 south shut down the road for a bit. It took us over an hour to get through Lake George area.

Fire pit could use some repair. It is functional but could use some attention.

Water was a little low in the channel and boat launch but nothing a little engine tilt up couldn't fix.

So don't let the amount of cons fool you, we enjoyed this trip very much. Most of the cons are beyond the campground control but part of the trip anyway. We arrived on Friday around dinner and set up and placed the boat in the water. Then just relaxed by a fire.

Saturday we did a slow wake-up, played some games and ventured out to Saranac Lake for our first time. This is a beautiful lake with a lot of different islands and places to see. We spent most of our time zipping around the lake and then stopped and just relaxed and played games in a quiet cove area. Went back for dinner and back out into the pond area for a view of the sunset.

Sunday we did another slow wake-up and took a trip to Saranac Lake City which the ladies enjoyed but I would have preferred to stay in the campground. We got back and went out to the lake again for some touring and ended up at the underwater beach. Again hung around in a cove and played games before returning for dinner. There is so much to see it seemed like we discovered all new areas. Spent the night making dinner and around the fire until rain started around 10pm.

All in all a great trip and definitely want to return and do some other things next year. I think mid-summer trip with more water activities is in our future.

We saw the coffee truck on Saturday and Sunday morning. Ice truck on Saturday and ice cream truck Saturday night when it turned into Rollins pond but never saw it go past our site. Its possible we missed it.

I purchased some wood at Donaldsons for the fire but always bring my ax and found plenty of wood laying down to chop up Wood at Donaldsons was $7 and at the campground for a little bigger bag is $9. Technically you can beach your boat at Donaldsons for supplies but we did not attempt to do so. We hit up Hickocks for fuel and looked around. They have a good amount of items there for purchase.

Definitely recommend this campground

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