Last week's trip

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Last week's trip

Postby Dave Brick » Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:20 pm

my family spent 6 nights lasts last week in Site 134
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. I want to address a couple things that touch on other subjects here.

Cell service: We had consistent 3 bars, all day, no issues. I have a car battery jump starter with a USB port we used to recharge phones. The bathrooms had signs to not use those outlets for recharging. At the recycle building I met a ranger type guy. He said the official charging station is at a building near the main gate. He also said all of those charging outlets were being used to charge CPAPs. I asked if I could use the outlets in the recycle building, and without "making it official", he said it would be okay.

Dishwashing: This was my first trip to FCP. I was disappointed there was not a dedicated dishwashing sink. The same ranger said that some people use the slop sink in the recycle building, but that sink is also used to wash out the mops used to clean the bathroom floors. Yuck. So having a grey water tub appears to be the best answer.

Quality of site: 134 was great! Big site for that area. the 2 previous sites, 133 and 132, were both closed for restoration, so we had lots of room. Unfortunately we had a very loud (although apparently sober) family in 131, who spread out into 132 and 133 with a rowboat, floats, clotheslines, etc., as well as a really obnoxious high energy young boy who spent 15 minutes straight banging on the cooking grate with a big stick before I walked over and asked them to quiet him down. We could easily hear all of their conversations even though they were 3 sites down and sitting close to each other.

There is a small, nearly stagnant creek flowing in to square pond right there. The bottom of the pond is kind of mucky in 134. 133 and 132 are more sandy and better for swimming. launching canoes and kayaks was fine though. There was not a hint of foul odor which was warned about in the photo descriptions, coming from the dump site. The sick-looking tree in the middle of the site in the pictures has been cut down, leaving a stump which was handy as a little extra table.

Firewood: We spent a lot on the $7.00 bundles from the camp store. They were expensive, but the wood was high quality. Lots of birch, stored inside. I've been burned before (pun intended) by greenish wood bundles at better prices. So we budget a little more for our trips and get good wood. Incidentally, for such a popular area, there was a surprising amount of dead and down wood to be had for scrounging to supplement the store-bought wood.

Camp store: First rate! Best store ever! Quality of barbecue was excellent. We bought a pork shoulder for $20. first day which saved us from cooking while we set up. It fed 5 of us with a few leftovers. delicious!

Also, having Hickoks come by with rental canoes and kayaks was really convenient.
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Re: Last week's trip

Postby d_s_144 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:55 pm

Great summary! Glad you enjoyed your trip! It's hard not to love FCP.

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