First time Boater at FCP. Help

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First time Boater at FCP. Help

Postby Len » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:33 pm

Been coming to FCP for 7 years now I think, but this is gonna be our first time having the opportunity to bring both the camper AND our pontoon boat. So I need to ask some of you seasoned FCP boaters.........Where are the places to go???? Other than just tooling around FCP, where are cool "must hit" boating destinations from there to "experience the ADK by boat"??? Sightseeing, swimming spots, there decent fishing anywhere. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks all
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Re: First time Boater at FCP. Help

Postby loonluvr » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:15 pm

we like to go through the channel to Upper Saranac Lake. Go under the Rt. 30 bridge away from Fish Creek Ponds and take the first right. It is really narrow and slow thru there, but the water is high and you shouldn't have much trouble. You can explore Upper Saranac, go to Chapel Island near the south end of the lake, go to the sand bar on the north end and swim (opposite Moss Rock Point at the entrance to Square Bay), look for the rope swing on the north side of Saginaw Bay, fish for bass and lake trout just about anywhere... we love having our boat there!
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Re: First time Boater at FCP. Help

Postby Gail & Steve Collins » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:37 pm

Finding the channel out to Upper Saranac Lake can be a bit of a challenge if you're not familiar with the fourth pond.

After you go under the Route 30 bridge, keep to the right shore and go past all the Donaldson's cottages. At the end of the pond, and a bit to the right, you'll see a small swimming area marked off with lots of floats. Just the right of that you'll see the red and green navigation bouys marking the entrance to the channel. As loonluvr pointed out, it's narrow and very slow going. The residents along the channel are insistent on no-wake boating there. But it is a fun ride, and there's lots of interesting places along the way.

Once you clear the channel, you're in Fish Creek Bay. As you exit the bay into the lake proper, on the right, you'll see a large stone building, then a beach, and a large campground full of RV's. That's Donaldson's main campground out there. The small one by their boat launch near the Trading Post is just a portion of the Donaldson facility.

We like to cruise the shoreline, looking at all the great camps and summer homes.

One word of caution, if you continue south past Donaldson's, you'll come to a large widening of the lake. The Young Life camp is in the bay to your right. It's easy to spot with all the little sailboats lined up on the shore. They have a large power boat with a big winch, and they do para-sailing in that section of the lake. It's prudent to give them a wide berth.

If you continue towards the south end of the lake, you'll eventually come to Chapel Island. Unless there's a service or wedding going on, it's open to the public to dock and wander around the island. The building is usually locked up if not in use.

Tommy's Rock on the north end near Saranac Inn is interesting too. Lot's of swimmers and jumpers there all summer.

If you just google Upper Saranac Lake Map, you'll get lots of hits on the net, and plenty of images of maps of the lake. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the map so you have an idea of where to go and how to get there and back.

We have a 16' runabout with a 50 hp engine. If it's really windy on USL, the rollers can be quite daunting for a small boat so we tend to pick days with low or no wind to go out there.

The lake is 8 miles long, up to 2 miles wide, and has 37 miles of shoreline. It takes a while to tour it so pack a lunch and your sunscreen. Enjoy!
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