Reservation Issues

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Re: Reservation Issues

Postby El Jigro » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:18 am

CampADK wrote:I don't know which time server they are using exactly. I always ensure my clock on my Mac is reset to be as accurate as possible and I double check it against the Emerald Time app on my iPhone.

I'm surprised you don't get the reCaptcha Box on Firefox. I do. Maybe you didn't today but they will be appearing! Maybe you have an older browser? So many variables...

The real kiss of death is the additional image challenge box that may appear. The whole reCaptcha issue is very complex. There are many many reasons why you may or may not get the additional image challenge which often requires multiple attempts. It will put and end to your attempt to get a site at 9am if they start to appear. You have to limit your prep leading up to 9am to reduce the chance you get the dreaded image challenge because Google flags you as not acting like a normal browser would when interacting with the page. They even analyze mouse movement which may not look right and you get flagged!

As far as clicking right at 9:00:00am goes, you are already too late! I usually having 3 devices/windows setup and start clicking boom/boom/boom at 8:59:55am to increase your odds. That allows the delay between you and the RA server.

Those with the best chance in my opinion would have several mobile devices using the RA app and lots of fingers. You have one shot on each device. If you are on a desk top and keep clicking. As soon as you click once it will likely already be to late by the time the browser refreshes and you try again. Besides the Google reCaptcha may suddenly present you with the dreaded image challenge and you are toast. Setting up multiple browser windows can also trigger reCaptcha to spit out challenges and again you are toast. The RA app won't present you with reCaptcha so that is a good way to go if you have access some old phones laying around. Otherwise get friends and family in to help.

Also an important thing is DO NOT GIVE UP AT 9:00AM! Someone may get a site but for many reasons may end up not completing the booking. Keep trying and especially between 9:15 and 9:25ish you might see a site or two come back up available. I have done that myself and friends as well. RA gives someone 15 min to complete a booking. That person may start the process or abort at say 9:02am. RA keeps extending the timeout to 15min after the last site interation. So if someone starts the process and the last interaction is at 9:03 then that site will come back open at 9:18am. Those who are patient could pick up that site at 9:18am.

Today for example Site 168
Click for more info!
came back available at about 9:15. Someone discovered it a few minutes later. Best to keep trying every 20 seconds or so. Using a browser window to just query on all available sites for your date will allow you to keep checking without getting the reCaptcha challenges over and over. If you see the site you want suddenly appear you just click on that one and book it.

People abandon booking sites for lots of reasons including: failed to login, computer crashes, website issues, browser issues, their friend got a better site, members of their groups got sites in a different area, nobody else in their group got sites or enough sites and will try for another date, their credit card is maxed out, etc etc.

Thats it for now lol.

Good luck!

YOU. ARE. THE. MAN!!! took your advice and voila - success! Actually reserved the one site I've been trying to get for 4 years, not to mention got a reservation at all.. Thank you!
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Re: Reservation Issues

Postby d_s_144 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:34 pm

He shoots, he SCORES!!!
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Re: Reservation Issues

Postby kkirsch » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:18 am

Another thing, there is a timed interval for the robot check. It appears to be between 2 and 3 minutes. Wonder if this will be the great equalizer for reserving a site. The way I see would be to have several people (rather than several computers with one person) apply the reservation. Should make the people reserving for Yosemite happy since there has been sites on the black market sold by those who swept up sites via a bot and then charged through the roof for reservations. Just like how anyone can get a ticket to a concert now.
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Re: Reservation Issues

Postby CampADK » Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:47 am

Yes the timeout is 2 minutes. More family members and friends and multiple devices win. Also the RA app doesn't require all the reCaptcha bot checking. Timing is important too. I am working on a lengthy Reservation Tips section which will appear on the NY State Campsite Photos website shortly. So many people discussing and asking questions on the various FB camping groups over and over.

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