Ice Cream Truck

Fish Creek campers used to be pampered! Each night during the peak season of July and August, the colorful ice cream truck would work its way around the campground starting at the far gate (Site 305) around 5:00pm. It would works its way back through the park, having to leave the park at curfew time (10:00pm). If you were camping on a low site number less than about 100, it may well be that you'd have to drive or bike around to the ice cream truck as it would never make it all the way around before it has to head home. Anyone could flag down the ice cream truck as it passes your site. Once stopped, it was not uncommon for long long lines to form as a crowd of children and adults alike swarm upon the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck was definately another popular activity at Fish Creek each evening!

Ice Cream Truck WebCam

The ice cream webcam was available during peak season, on/about June 24 thru August 30 between the hours of 5:00pm and 10:00pm.

Fish Creek Local Time is: 11:10am     (Webcam Photo's Last Enhanced: Aug 21, 2009)

Missing your ice cream? Check out a Video Slideshow of the Ice Cream Truck

Sorry the ice cream truck no longer visits Fish Creek, we will on miss it!

Last updated: June 28, 2016 08:15:24