Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there hookups at Fish Creek?

A: Like most state parks, Fish Creek does not provide any hook ups (no electrical, water, sewer etc). Most campers with trailers rely on battery power. A dumping station and water filling station are available within the park.

Q: Are generators allowed at Fish Creek?

A: Yes. Generators are restricted to usage from 9am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm daily. You may only run your generator for a maximum of 5 hours per day.

Tip: Modern generators such as the Honda and Yamaha 1000/2000W units are extremely quiet. Your neighbours will appreciate your usage of a quiet generator!!

Q: Is Internet available at Fish Creek?

A: There is currently no Internet Cafe or WIFI available at Fish Creek, however as of July 2008, Phil at the Trading Post now has wireless hi-speed Internet available. It is best picked up just outside the store or just off shore on the south pond directly across the road from the Trading Post. Verizon apparently has the best cell coverage at Fish Creek, so theoretically you could use your cell phone to pick up email, or buy one of their broadband cards for your PC. Alternatively you can find nearby wireless Internet access at the Library in Tupper Lake, one street over from the main street (Park St) at 41 Lake St. There is also access at the Brick Oven Cafe at 10 Cliff Ave which is close to the library. The McDonalds in Tupper Lake also provides pay for access Internet.

Q: Are canoes available at Fish Creek?

A: Yes. Hickock's Boat Livery which is located just outside the park on Route 30 is also located on one of the Fish Creek Ponds. They deliver canoes right to your campsite by water. You can stop in to see them, or call 518-891-3328 / 518-891-0480.

There is also a truck that drives through the park in the morning with a truckload of canoes. Just hail him and he will stop and assist you.

You can also rent canoes from the St Regis Canoe Outfitters who are located just north of the park in Lake Clear. Call 518-891-1838 or 888-775-2925 or email

For sea kayaks (as well as canoes), you can contact Adirondack Outfitters in Saranac Lake. Contact them at 518-891-7450 or 1-800-491-0414.

Q: Are motor boats available at Fish Creek?

A: Yes. Hickock's Boat Livery (see above) rents small aluminum boats. Although their rental sheets lists boats without motors, but I have heard they do rent them with motors if you ask.

Q: Which sites are the best at Fish Creek?

A: Most of them! We often joke that a bad site at Fish Creek would be consider a great site anywhere else! See Insider Tips, about the middle of the page for tips on choosing a site based on your preferences. Considering 319 out of 355 sites are on the water, its hard to get a 'bad' site.

Tip: Book as early as possible! Fish Creek is EXTREMELY popular. The booking window is 9 months in advance. If you plan on going in either July or August, you really have to book almost 9 months in advance or you may be out of luck, especially if you are booking a longer stay (ie 4-15 days).

Q: What are the camping fees at Fish Creek?

A: The camping fee is $22.00 per night. There is a 3 day minimum for reservations, and maximum stay is 14 days cumulative from July 1st to Labor Day. The reservation fee is $9.00. Reservations changes are $9.00. A non-refundable $9.00 fee is charged for cancellation. Consult the Reserve America reservation site for more info on fees and cancellation policies.

Q: Are pets allowed at Fish Creek?

A: Pets are allowed with proof of current/valid rabies vaccination. Dogs can not be left unattended. Pets are not allowed in day use areas, beaches or any structures.

Q: Does Fish Creek have a pool?

A: No pools here! Fish Creek has fine warm natural waters with a sandy bottom to swim in at the beach area (along with a play area, change room and picnic shelter).

Q: Do you have any island camping?

A: No. All the sites are located on the shorelines of the 3 ponds. You can however paddle from Fish Creek to Follensby Clear Pond as well as Floodwood Pond where there are island campsites available (first come first serve - no fee). You can also paddle out on Upper Saranac where there are island camps available. See Saranac Lake Island Camping (DEC). Reservations are highly recommended for these campsites.

Q: Can I rent a cabin or camper at Fish Creek?

A: Fish Creek does not have cabins or campers for rent. Visit the RV Rentals section for a extensive list of places that offer RV Rental. Some will even deliver and pickup a trailer for you right on campsite at Fish Creek.

Q: How do I make a reservation for dates about Labour Day?

A: Fish Creek does not take reservations for dates after Labour Day weekend. If you are going to camp after Labour Day weekend, sites are offered on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a reservation prior to Labour Day and wish to extend you're camping on the same site past Labour Day, simply go to the registration booth to pay for extended days once you are there.

Q: Fish Creek is completed booked. Where else can I camp in the area?

A: Try Fish Creeks neighbour, Rollins Pond. It is the quiet alternative to Fish Creek offering 287 sites, 80% of which are on water. Visit the Rollins Pond Campsite Photos Guide for site details and over 8,400 photos of all 266 sites!

Right across the road from Fish Creek on Route 30 is Donaldson's Campground which features 105 sites with full hookups, by the water with beach on Upper Saranac. Call 518-891-4070.

About 40 minutes (25 miles) north of Fish Creek is Meacham Lake Campground (DEC) which features 224 sites, with many lakeside campsites.

Buck Pond Campground (DEC) is also about 40 minutes (25 miles) north east of Fish Creek.

Southwest of Fish Creek is Cranberry Lake Campground (DEC).

If you are interested in being close to Lake Placid, consider the Meadowbrook Campground (DEC) in Ray Brook.

There is an excellent KOA near Whiteface Mountain which is ideal if you are exploring the Lake Placid / Whiteface area. They also have a second website.

Couldn't find what you are looking for here? Be sure to consult with Ranger Jill. She will likely be able to help you!

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