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Can we help? I hope so! But PLEASE read the following carefully to save yourself some time!

Do you have a question pertaining to a reservations you made? Perhaps you want to change, cancel or have some issue regarding the reservation, or the use of your equipment on a specific site you reserved, or are reserving? Are you looking to organize a group event at the campground, perhaps a wedding renewal, looking for a job at Fish Creek or contact personel at the campground?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you MUST contact the park or reservation system directly as I won't be able to help you, as I am not affiliated in any way with the campground or the reservation system. For the most part, reservation issues are handled by Reserve America.

Contact Reserve America for any reservations issue or call 1-800-456-2267.

You have a questions that needs an official answer from the park, or wish to contact the park directly, I suggest you call the campground directly at 518-891-4560. There won't be anyone there however in off season.

95% of your questions can be answered here on the site. There is a ton of information on every topic (including Reservations), and of course Ask Ranger Jill is a great way to just type in your question and get it answered.

To contact us directly send an email to

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