Fish Creek Pond is a canoeist/kayers paradise. You'll be sure to have plenty of waterways directly accessible from your campsite waterfront including some of the best ponds in the Adirondacks.

Here are a few routes and descriptions for excursion right from your site at Fish Creek. All are fantastic, scenic paddles which can be adjusted to suit your time & effort.

Fish Creek Ponds - Fish Creek - Copperas Pond


  • Flat water.
  • Powerboats on ponds.
  • Fish creek paddle upstream against slow current.
  • Through narrow passage into Copperas Pond.
  • No carries
  • Almost pristine wilderness.
  • Wildlife: Deer, otter, herons, ducks galore
  • Loons almost guaranteed
  • Break/picnic at carry on far end of Copperas.

    Map of Route:

    Fish Creek - Copperas - Little Square Pond


    Same as above route with extension into Little Square Pond

    Map of Route:

    Fish Creek Ponds - Follensby Clear Pond Loop


  • 3.7 mi loop with approx 1/4 mi. carry between Follensby and Fish Creek
  • Several nice islands with beaches in Follensby Clear Pond

    Map of Route:

    Rollins Pond Launch to Fish Creek

    When water is high, you can paddle your kayak through the stream from Rollins to Floodwood. When low, or when you have a carbon/kevlar canoe, you will have to "walk" the boat through the stream. Shallow and sandy bottom with rocks! For this route take the boats by car to Rollins - paddle to camp - and then ride bikes back to pickup car.

    When the waters are low in the fall, you may have to walk your canoe several places just before Floodwood.

    You can also do the complete loop with very short carry from Rollins to Whey and the longer (~1/3 - ~1/2 mi) from Whey Pond to Copperas.

    All are fantastic, scenic paddles which can be adjusted to suit your time & effort.

    Fish Creek Ponds to Upper Saranac and Buck Island


  • 7.5 mile round trip
  • A bit more adventuresome because of the lake crossing. Watch out for powerboats.
  • Can be rough (dangerous!) on windy days cross Upper Saranac
  • There are backcountry campsites on Buck Island. You can picnic if not occupied
  • Some great Adirondack camps to see along the shores of Upper Saranac (including one of North America's top resorts, 'The Point')
  • Enjoy ice cream at The Trading Post on the way back (see the ice cream truck on the map)

    Map of Route:

    Tour of Fish Creek Ponds


  • An easy tour around the shoreline of the campground
  • Can be made shorter or longer as desired
  • This version is about 3 miles
  • Nice at sunset or even better in the early morning fog
  • Can be more effort when it's windy
  • Watch for boat traffic during the day

    Map of Route:

    Special thanks goes out to FCP campers Al and Leslie for provide route maps and details!

    Here are some photos provide by FCP campers nyanderson and mbart5fan (thanks Mike and Mike!)

    Highslide JS
    Heading Up Fish Creek

    Highslide JS
    At the West End of Copperas

    Highslide JS
    Between Copperas and the Stream

    Highslide JS
    Taking a Break on Copperas

    Highslide JS
    Loon on Copperas

    Highslide JS
    Carry to Whey Pond

    Highslide JS
    Copperas Pond

    Highslide JS
    Loon by Follensby Carry

    Check out the Canoeing at Fish Creek photo album for more canoeing and kayaking photos.

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