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Hi and welcome to the site!

Our names are Dave and Kate, and we are Fish Creek addicts! We live in Ottawa, Ontario an easy 3 hours drive from Fish Creek.

Back in 2003 we just happened to stumble across Fish Creek and have been hooked ever since. We spend spring, summer and falls at Fish Creek as often as we can, and consider it our second home. We have enjoyed 48 trips to Fish Creek to date, and typically camp there about 30-40 nights each year. In the past we have camped with our teardrop trailer which you will notice in many of the photos, but have since upgraded to a new 19ft Airstream Bambi in the spring of 2007.

I created this site for a variety of reasons, but mainly to serve the countless families of campers that we have and continue to meet, that have been coming to Fish Creek religiously for years, more often decades!

A few years ago I used to walk around the campground taking notes of our favorite sites and often saw other campers doing the same. Many of the notes would ultimately get lost, however I was always writing down site details on walks and bike rides around the campground.

Evently I figured it was time to use some of my expertise to store this information in an online database that everyone could access to assist campers when they went online to book a site.

As an avid amateur photographer, I also thought it would be fantastic to have photos of each campsite which would help campers choose a site that matched their criteria. Campers could check that a campsite was suitable for their camping equipment, see the actual size and check the shoreline for accessiblity for their boat or safety for their children. You could also check to see what view you would enjoy.

I was inspired by the countless campers we met who had devoted years camping at Fish Creek as a family tradition passed from one generation to another. There seemed to be a lot of memories and history which was not documented anywhere. I had met Steve Collins who was also a devote Fish Creeker who had managed to gather close to 100 of the old postcards of Fish Creek since the late 1930's... impressive! I wanted to create a place where those memories could be saved, and available to anyone interested.

Having a background in online communities, I also thought it would be great to have a gathering place where Fish Creekers could connect, socialize, share their experiences and assist other campers when they are not at Fish Creek.

This site was first created in the late summer of 2006 and has been a continual work in progress. There are many more features and ideas that I am continually working on so do check back often.

Fishcreekpond.com is in no way affiliated with the DEC or Reserve America. The site exists purely as a service to Fish Creek campers, and is my way of 'paying it forward' to all the wonderful people that make this place so special.

How can you help? Simply join in on the campers forum, share your stories, scan old photos, park maps... anything you have to contribute is greatly appreciated!

If you are camping at Fish Creek and see us or our Airstream (or our teardrop in the spring), do stop by! We always enjoy meeting other campers and sharing the spirit that makes Fish Creek the ultimate camping experience.

Happy camping!

Dave and Kate

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