Videos Posted by Other Camperes

Various Fish Creek / Rollins Pond and Upper Saranac Videos Post by Campers on You Tube

Adirondacks New York - Posted by our own, 'humourmeplease'

Canadian Thanksgiving Fish Creek Pond 2006

Rained Out at Rollins Pond

Rollins Pond Sea Monster

Natascha Billy Boots (Beach at Rollins Pond)

Josee on Rollins Pond

Fish Creek Camping Trip Part I (2006)

Fish Creek Campint Trip Part II (2006)

Sage on Waterskis (Upper Saranac)

Some videos from the Young Life Camp on Upper Saranac which we often boat past. Quite the place for kids!

Young Life Camp Promo Video (Upper Saranac)

Young Life Camp Promo Video (Upper Saranac)

Young Life June 2007 Boat Show (Upper Saranac)

The Saranac Rap

Saranac Lake - 65 foot jump - You know where this is taken don't you :-)

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