TearUp The ADK T-Shirts and Pennants

IMPORTANT: We are now done with pre-orders. You may now go directly online to order/pay for your T-shirts at Custom Ink . Be sure to order yours by MAY 15th so we have enough time for them to be delivered before the TearUp! You can pick them up at the TearUp from Kate or I (Dave) on site 235.

Order you T-shirt(s) now at Custom Ink.

Hello fellow TearUp Campers!

In the past campers expressed interest in T-shirts, flags, pennants, stickers etc so this year we have chosen to have T-shirts and felt pennants made.


I am expecting the T-shirts to cost between $15 and $22 US. Price will be determined on the size of the group order. Once I have an estimate of the quantity then I'll have a final price and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ORDER AND PAY FOR YOUR OWN online direct from customink.com. CustomInk will take the individual orders at the agreed upon group price and then ship all the T-shirts as a group to my US address. This way Kate and I are not stuck to put out a large amount of money on our own, but we still all benefit by getting a group discount. Please see Kate for your T-shirt pick up at the TearUp.

There are different T-shirt styles and colours to choose from including ladies. Colours were chosen to work with the colours of the TearUp logo.

I need a good idea of the quantities we can expect to order before I determine if we can setup the Group ‘Store’ on customink.com for the T-shirts to get the volume discount.

Note: prices shown below are based on a group order of 30 T-shirts. (we currently have 27 pre-orders) Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 3.33.46 PM.png


Pennants are as seen below. Navy blue pennant with gold trim. Price will be approximately $6 US each. The minimum order is 100 units so we will have to have at least 50-60 pre-orders to make this happen. Kate and I will purchase them and sell them at the TearUp.

TearUp Pennant 2018

Interested in T-shirts as of April 25:

Dave & Kate - 2 tee shirts (1 - XL short, 1 - M long)
Ruth Erdmann - 1 tee shirt (unkown size)
Louise and Randy Finley - 2 tee shirts (1 - XL long, 1 - XXL short)
Tim Houlihan - 2 tee shirts (XXL)
Bonnie Wilkins - 1 tee shirt (L)
Mick & Pauline Perreaux - 2 tee shirts (1 - XL short, 1 XXL short)
Kristine Mastrodonata - 1 tee shirt (1- XL short)
Lauren Frazer - 2 tee shirts (1 - L short, 1 - XL short)
Trish & Paul Gerhardt - 2 tee shirts (1 - M, 1 - XL)
Julie Ellman - 1 tee shirt (1 - S short)
Martha/ Jim Boyce - 1 tee shirt (1 - L long)
Paul LaHaise - 1 tee shirt (1 - XXL short)
Mark Copen - 2 tee shirts (1 - M long, 1 - L long)
Anita Stuart - 1 tee shirt (1 - L long)
Sandy and Jim Schottnham - 2 tee shirts (1 - XXL short, 1 - XL long)
Lynne & Dave Griffin - 2 tee shirts (2 - XL short)
Doug Smith - 2 tee shirts (2 - XXL short)
Kristine Mastrodonato - 1 tee shirt (1-XL short)
Victoria Johanet - 1 tee shirt (1 - XL short)
Chuck & Sandy - 1 tee shirt
John and Henrietta Foster - 2 tee shirts (1 - L long, 1 - L long)
Claudette DeSerres - 1 tee shirt (XL)
Lisa Traver - 1 tee shirt
Chuck & Sandy - 1 tee shirt
Nadine Corrigan - 1 tee shirt (M - long)
Suzanne Bourget - 2 tee shirts (3XL - short, 1 - XL  short)
Rich & Val Ulmes - 2 tee shirts (1 - M short, 1 - L short)
Fred Plant - 2 tee shirts ( 1 - XL long, 1 - XL short)
Elaine Grega - 1 tee (1 - short)

Total T-shirts so far: 43

(No worry you can change your selection(s) and size(s) when you go to actually place your order)

Interested in Pennants as of April 25:

Dave & Kate - 5
Ruth Erdmann - 1
Tim Houlihan - 1
Mick & Pauline Perreaux - 1
Kristine Mastrodonata - 1
Rick & Diane - 2
Joe Aquilino - 1
Bonnie Wilkins - 1
Martha/ Jim Boyce - 1
Mark Copen - 1
Sandy and Jim Schottnham - 1
Lynne Griffin - 1
Doug Smith - 1
Tim and Heather - 2
Lisa Traver - 1
Suzi Landis - 1
Chuck & Sandy - 1
Fred Plant - 2
Elaine Grega - 1

Total Pennants so far: 26

If you are not on the list be sure to add yourself at https://www.facebook.com/groups/tearuptheadk/permalink/1784972254879488/ or let me know how many T-shirts and/or pennants you want by email at dave@campadk.com

I’ll be posting a link where you can order and pay for your T-shirt(s) in the next few weeks once I have a good estimate on the number we will be ordering. At that point YOU WILL BE PURCHASING YOUR T-SHIRT(S) ONLINE DIRECTLY FROM CUSTOMINK.COM and the T-shirts will be shipped as a group to my US address.

All T-shirt orders must be placed/paid by May 15th to ensure we receive them in time for the TearUp.

You’ll be able to pay for and pick up your pennant(s) from us at the TearUp.

Be sure to post any questions on the Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/tearuptheadk/ or email me if you have any questions.

See you at the TearUp in June!



David McGrath