Latest Updates March 14, 2017:

Welcome to the 2017 Spring TearUp, celebrating our luck 13th year at Fish Creek Pond Campground June 15-18, 2017 !

For those somewhat new to the TearUp, I suggest downloading the TearUp 2012 Campers Guide.

Don't forget to join our TearUp the ADK Facebook Page to join in the ongoing discussions and to keep in contact with other TearUp friends.

We also have our early season TearUp Niagara-on-the-Lake event May 11-14, 2017 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Do join us!


Sites designated for the TearUp are sites 200-270.

Thursday night Campfire

Kate and I will be hosted a campfire on our site (235) on Thursday just after dark (anytime about 7pm) to welcome all the campers.

Friday Night Beer Tasting

Randy and Louise will once again host the beer tasting evening. Come one, come all whether you drink beer or not! It's mostly a social event. For those who would like to participate in the beer tasting, we ask that you bring a few of your favorite beers (or wine even) to share with others. This event will be run from 6pm to 9pm. We ask that everyone leave by 9pm to respect park policies and othere campers in the campground.

Saturday Morning Paddle

Lots of TearUp campers bring along kayaks and canoes. If you don't have one, Hickocks Boat Liverly located just outside the campground will deliver one right to your site!. We will meet Saturday morning in the water at our site, site 235 (the narrows). Keep in touch with Kate and I (Dave) if you are interested so you'll know the exact time to meet as well as our paddling route.

Saturday Night Wine and Cheese

The last few years the wine and cheese on Saturday night continues to be a HUGE success, and this year will be no exception! For more details on the Wine and Cheese and Steal-A-Gift game night, see the TearUp 2012 Campers Guide.

Wine and Cheese starts at 5:30pm sharp!

Check out the TearUp 2011 movie and slideshow for all the action that night as well as the TearUp 2012 movie.

There are typically other impromptu get togethers including kayaking, campfires, guitar playing etc.

More About the TearUp

Visit our TearUp the ADK Facebook Page to check out the TearUp discussions, connect with the group, offer suggestions or ask questions about the TearUp. There over 180 members in the facebook group.

Not familiar with the area or Fish Creek? Visit our consumate guide to Fish Creek Pond for tons of info, the campsite guide with complete details and multiple photos of each campsite, hundreds of photos and loads of videos. You can even ask Ranger Jill anything you like. She'll be sure to help.

Remember EVERYONE IS WELCOME! You don't have to own a teardrop trailer to join this fun campout! Come one, come all!

Can't make the TearUp the ADK event? How about our sister event, TearUp Niagara-on-the-Lake being held May 11-14, 2017.



Updates from Kate Mar 14, 2017:

Informal fire at our camp on Thursday night. The Wine and Cheese on our site 235 rain or shine Saturday night (6:00pm ish). Steal A Gift is an always popular event so anyone who isn't familiar with our 'rules' or 'gifts' here is a quick tutorial.

Don't forget! We take our group photo just before the start of the Steal A Gift!

1. Bring a gift wrapped but not tagged. The gift can be any found item around the house, home made, etc. If you must purchase something limit it to under $10.
2. Drop the wrapped gift off to me anytime on Saturday. Bring a separate slip with only your campsite number on it. This is what is used to draw for turns.
3. First campsite drawn picks a gift but does NOT unwrap it. This one gift can be stolen but is never opened until the end of the game. Player #1 then draws for player #2.
4. Player #2 can either steal the unwrapped gift from player #1 (remember this first gift cannot be opened) or they can chose a new gift and open it. They then draw for player #3.
5. This goes until all campsites are drawn. The second last turn goes back to player #1 who can keep what they have, steal or chose the unopened gift if they no longer have it. (This rule gives player #1 a chance to steal).
6. One last random campsite is drawn so they are the final steal-a-gift player.

To speed the game we add two rules. If we didn't do this we'd be playing with flashlights in hand!
1. Only one gift per campsite. (see me if you have more than one family on a campsite as I make the rules! LOL)
2. If a player steals your gift you cannot steal another opened gift. You must choose another unopened gift from the stack.
We have many artisans among us and I'm sure some will bring items for sale. Hopefully they will display them but ask around to see what is out there. If you are selling something be sure to post here. (I'm hoping Steve is bringing some turnings!)

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