About the ADK Spring TearUp 2019

Hi our names are Dave and Kate. We came up with the idea for the TearUp back in the spring of 2005, after owning our teardrop trailer for two summers and finally meeting a few teardrop owners here in the NorthEastern US. We realized that, with the growing interest in teardrops, that it was time to organize a teardrop gathering for the numerous enthusiasts in the Northeast and share our passion with others!

Our first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth Spring Tearup's were held at THE BEST campground we have camped at, Fish Creek Pond Campground in upstate NY. In fact we often refer to Fish Creek as 'the cottage' since we go down there as often as possible! More about Fish Creek Pond can be found HERE.

To date the gathering have been a huge success with 14 trailers and 27 participants attending the first year in 2005, 15 trailers, 30 participants in 2006 and 22 trailers and 47 campers in 2007, 25 trailers and 50 campers in 2008, 55 trailers and 101 campers in 2009, 54 trailers and 98 campers in 2010, 54 trailers and 112 campers in 2011, 54 trailers and 109 campers in 2012, 41 trailers and 79 campers in 2013, 31 trailers and 55 campers in 2014, 38 trailers and 71 campers in 2015, 47 trailers and 87 campers in 2016, 56 campsites with 110 campers in 2017 and a whopping 132 campers and 74 sites in 2018! Our fifteenth gathering will once again be held at Fish Creek Pond, June 13-17, 2019. Typically many campers do come up early, and several stay longer than the 'official' dates.

The TearUp is normally held the 1st or 2nd weekend of June each year. It is positioned to be just after blackfly season is over, but just before the campground gets busy for the summer camping season when the kids get out of school. This year its a bit later (Fathers Day weekend).

By no means must your own or have built a teardrop trailer to attend the Spring TearUp! If you are an enthusiast for the teardrop and other small trailers, or simply want to join us for a great informal weekend of camping and meeting each other, you are more than welcome. Registration is easy! Simply Reserve your campsite, then Register with us and we'll see you there!

Can't make the TearUp the ADK event? Be sure to check out one of our sister events. More to be posted later.