Night Time at Fish Creek Pond

The evenings and nights are very special at Fish Creek. With hundreds of campers completely surrounding the shorelines of the ponds, we are entertained by the nightly you-ho's, campfires flickering across the water, and laughter from acoss the pond. Then there are the lights of the cars on the way to the shower, or the jingle of the bear bells as the ice cream truck makes its rounds through the park...

A nighttime sampling...

After Dusk on Site 179

A Family By the Fire

Reflecting with a Beer by the Fire

Glow from the Cabin Style Washrooms

Full Moon Amongst Tall Pines

Full Moon Across Square Pond

Blue Sky and Reflection After Dusk at the Bridge

Teardrop Hints of Past Days at Fish Creek

Adam by the Fire on Site 121

Fires and Torches Across the Pond

Last Call at the Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck Menu

Pond View at Night from Site 121

Sunset on Upper Saranac

Enjoying Sunset by Boat on Square Pond

Kate Enjoys Sunset Over Square Pond

Romantic Night at Fish Creek in Mid May

Bonfire with Friends

Lights of the Fires Across Square Pond

Night Time Coffee in Late Fall on Site 103

Night Time in Late Fall on Site 117

Night Time Torch Lights in Early Spring on Site 105

Sunset Glow on Star Lite Night on Site 241

Featured here will be many more photos and sounds of night time at Fish Creek. Coming soon!

Last updated: December 31, 1969 19:00:00