We did it, finally upgraded some equipment

Discussion about camping gear you recommend or have questions about, or camping techniques that have worked well for you. Maybe even gear that is well suited to the Fish Creek experience.
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We did it, finally upgraded some equipment

Postby karen230 » Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:01 am

Hi All,

Well we finally did it, we bought a hybrid TT!!! We are really excited. It will not be making it's debut at FC this year though :( . Since DH is not used to towing a TT, we have decided to only go to a campground that doesn't require the thruway, but it does require country roads that will allow us to tow it at higher speeds. Hopefully it will give us an idea as to how well it will tow for us fully loaded on the thruway. DH ordered a WDH and I think it has sway controllers with it as well but not sure. The only issue we found was the vent covers need to be replaced (although it doesn't appear they started to leak). So I am wide open to tips and suggestions about our new camping style. We are used to a pop up and have rented TT for trips to FC but what should we absolutely have in it all the time? I know we should keep our basics that we use for camping and some tools but since our pop up was from 1987, it didn't have any bells and whistles on it so now I feel like we are newbies all over again :D . So fire away with tips and tricks you have picked up along they. I know it is different for everyone but I read somewhere to get a surge protector to pull into campground electric to protect our trailer, does anyone have one? Like it or dislike it? How easy hard is it to clean the tanks out at the dump stations? Stuff we really have no experience with. Thanks :D
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Re: We did it, finally upgraded some equipment

Postby Rollins Fan » Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:24 am

Congratulations on your purchase. I don't have experience on a hybrid, but am on my second small trailer and really enjoy having the dry place with the stove, toilet and fridge. I spent a lot of time on the forums on RV.net for info about the dumping station, backing in, what to bring, etc. I keep good lists of what to pack at the beginning of the season and for each trip. I think reserveamerica.com also has lists for packing. Your camper company may have a website with forums and info too. I keep paper and a pen by the door to write down what is taken out at home so it goes back in before we leave the next time. I keep towels, dish soap, sleeping bags and pillows in it all summer. For towing, I try to stay on the smoother roads as I hate the jerking I feel on bumps. I stay between 50 and 55 mph and if I see traffic behind me, I find a place to pull off and let them pass. No through-way experience. I don't enjoy the hooking up and moving it, but its worth it. I have good lists of what to do and I always TAKE MY TIME doing that, check and recheck that I did all the steps. I only camp at Rollns Pond, so I don't know about electric sites. Enjoy!
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