Rucksack cover or drybags?

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Rucksack cover or drybags?

Postby Tarrina » Mon Jul 13, 2020 1:28 pm

Hey all just keen to get your preferences - I recently started using small multi coloured dry bags to pack my gear inside my pack and its great but there is extra "faff" at times.

Heading into what the Meteorological boffins call Spring and something they refer to as Summer I was thinking about ditching all the wee bags and just carrying a cover should I really need it for the whole pack.

Are they any good? Do they just create a sail for wind to pluck you off a mountain and carry you over an edge? Do they just end up trapping water Inside the pack etc...

Does anyone just use 1 big dry bag as a liner inside their pack? (I did for a while and seemed to do the job) except for kit in top pockets etc

For single days we just use a 25L pack like here , winter its 45L and for multi day camping I'll have a 65L and will probably still use internal dry bags to make sure..... so anyone with any comment welcome.

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