Dump station???

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Dump station???

Postby Len » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:57 pm

I have a pop-up, so have no experience with the dump station. My father bought a travel trailer and has come with us the last couple years. He is learning the RV ins and outs as he goes being a complete novice as far as RVs go. I didn't realize at first that he wasn't fully using the facilities in his trailer due to concerns about being able to clean the tanks out after. They apparently only do #1 in the camper and put any TP in a waste basket. He says he has some gadget that you can stick down the toilet attached to a hose that cleans the tank after dumping it but the dump station at FCP and any of the other state parks we've gone to together don't have hoses that will reach into the camper for him to wash out his tank after he dumps it, so in order to not leave paper and mess behind caked on his tank sides between trips, he simply doesn't use it. I told him I'm SURE there are other options to clean out his tank satisfactorily, but I don't personally have any experience with the dump stations since I have a pop up.
So.......Is there a water supply at the dump station?
Would something like this "Flush king flush valve" download/file.php?mode=view&id=164 be able to be used to clean the tank at the FCP and other state dump stations? Looks like the link to the pic only works if I'm logged in.

What is it that others do? His concern is that the paper and solids won't completely dump out passively, leaving "stuff" behind in his tank and also fouling up his capacity sensors.
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Re: Dump station???

Postby CampADK » Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:13 pm

The rinse hose at the dump station has no attachment, so you can just basically squirt water up into the grey/black water tanks which helps some.
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Re: Dump station???

Postby deerby » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:42 pm

The rinse hose at the FCP dump stations have a brass L-shaped nozzle on them. The L-shaped nozzle will screw off, and you may attach a length of regular water hose to it. If you have an newer RV that has a black water flush input, you can run the hose into that. (I have a 10 ft. length of hose for that) If not, a longer hose can run right into your toilet and flush the tank out. With a short clear adapter on the drain outlet will allow you to see when the water runs clear. That being said, this takes more time at the dump station and on busy departure days, you may not be very popular if you take too long.
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Re: Dump station???

Postby Gail & Steve Collins » Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:15 pm

Rather than try to explain the many ins and outs of black and gray tank use and maintenance in a single forum post, I am going to suggest that you do some YouTube searching. There are many, many videos there covering every aspect of RV ownership. Holding tanks are a favorite.

Another good choice is one of the major RV forums such as rvnet. There are hundreds of threads there about holding tanks and their maintenance. After you've read through a few of them, you'll have a better understanding of the process and the fine points of it all.
Happy Camping!

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